A beautiful 63m refit concept

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with the well known French company CompositeWorks, one of the biggest player in the mega refit yacht, thanks to their Project Development Manager, Mr Christopher Sardo, who hired me for a fantastic work of refit-design.

The global conceptual design concerned the resizing of a motor yacht, from 63 to 70 meters, taking action on all the decks external areas. The result of this work is shown and described hereafter.

"Few pics of the original vessel"

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"Before and after concept"

The first step was the transom enlargement; the redesign for a new stern area, with a large beach platform, a stairway on both sides and a beach club at sea level.

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"The transom resize and the beach club"

The final result of the stern extension was well appreciated and the request was expanded to all the decks, so to create a well balanced new profile, re-organizing all the external areas and considering  the sun deck as "peak" of the concept design, as needed of a complete new elegant suit.

Few ideas were deleted during the feasibility study for to be inside the preliminary quotation. In fact, we resigned the idea for a beautiful external/internal dinner area on the upper deck, with a semicircular sliding window door. The stern space of the upper deck and the bridge deck were arranged with more seats for beautiful social areas and dinner tables. One important request was to place a large amount of TV screens everywere was possible.

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"The new decks extension"

As said above, the peak of the design concept was the new sun deck. The outdoor area was arranged with winding sofa, sunbed and a big squared pool; however the main work covered the awesome interior gym & healt space, that I solved with a light structure, following the shipyard requests, in order to hang on with the GT predicted parameters.

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"The new sun deck"

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"The new SPA area"

The height of this refit concept is shown in this final night renderings.

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Solving the master bedroom

I'd like to present an interesting exercise that I did for refreshing the master bedroom of an house in Tuscany, Italy. If someone ask "re-organize my room and make me happy", you can think it is a nice and hard "blank sheet task"; but if you have some ties to face, especial wishes and everything must fit into the room, things are not easier anyway.

Few special client's requests were: (1) a separate walking dressing area; (2) preferably a bathtub on sight in the room; (3) last but not least, to save and take care of the existent wrought iron queen size bed.

  I created three proposals, with different ways for using the spaces around.

- A very simple "A" solution, with separate entrance to bathroom and wordrobe.

- The "B" solution, where I decided to minimize the costs just preserving the existing walls between room and bathroom; creating a big shower behind the entrance, with a large window (acutally, this version was usefull to realize with no doubts, that the bathtube was soon elected the "masterpiece" of the project).

- The "C" solution, with a large open area, destroying part of the wall between room and bathroom; and paying attention to the natural sunlight that comes from the window and the door-window.

Few renderings in the slider hereafter

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Finally, the client approved decision was the "D" version hereafter, quite close to the "A" solution, with just one only door to wardrobe and bathroom ensuite.

Few comments after the final result :

- The client focused the attention on the bathtube in the room and the final choice was for an angular hot tube (not round, not rectangular).

- The client didn't the "C" solution cause the narrow space between the dressing room and the bed (1100 mm). This "lack" was considered a "big problem" too quickly and unfortunately it makes to overrule the possibility to get a beautiful "open space" with fantastic natural sunlight from the two windows.

- Working around at the final project, the client seemed to not take care of the small dimension of the bathroom: as soon placed the angular hot tube, the main target became the greatest possible area dedicated at the dressing room.

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Proteus – Oceanographic research vessel

Some time ago, I was given the opportunity by a company to look into this matter more deeply. At that stage, I just prepared a preliminary concept, with the aim to find possible refitting solutions for the 53 meters Motor Yacht "Proteus"; and the intent of turning it in a modern long range expedition vessel.

I was wondering if the boat is currently still in the same condition I left it.

However, here below a page I didn't see before, with many pics from interior and with some features (different features although): it is listed 3 meter shorter. Did I get the boat wrong? 8-)

Few picture of the Proteus today and the link to main features

See the original article here

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